What’s the difference between CPR and Safety Training and other companies?

We believe we offer more information so our students walk away with a better chance of making the best decision to save a life. With our background in the medical field we know what happens after CPR is performed on a person, so we can help our students understand how to help them.

Who does your training?

All of our trainers are experienced and certified Firefighters and Paramedics.

What type of training do my employees need?

Workers in the HealthCare field need to have current CPR and BLS certification.

Workers in Daycare facilities or Charter Schools need to complete CPR and First Aid.

Parents and Babysitters should complete CPR and First Aid.

How often do I need to train my staff?

Certifications are good for two years. After that, we find people really need to have an opportunity to practice again and refresh their memory for the appropriate steps to take in an emergency. We offer a FREE refresher course to our students one year after becoming certified.